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F.E.S.S. is your premier special event company designed to provide the hospitality and entertainment industry with superior event planning, staffing, and security.

FESS experience ranges from sporting events to concerts, residential to commercial and everything in between. We work with thousands of local, regional and national clients. From Texas to Florida, across the U.S. to anywhere in the world, we can meet your staffing and security needs!

Clients & Accolades

We wanted the best and we got the best

  • "All the staff was very friendly and strict. They would not let someone into the area unless they were specifically on the list that I provided. It was a pleasure not having to worry about my equipment and displays." -Captain Morgan Presents
    Captain Morgan Presents
    Captain Morgan Presents
  • We wanted the best and we got the best!Everybody was very happy with the job and manner in which your detail purported themselves and I am eternally grateful for Michael specifically. To a man your people were courteous but stern, adaptable, and incredibly easy to work with (I suspect that is because unlike me, this was not your first rodeo). I was especially happy with their ability to read through peoples bullshit and separate the wheat from the chaff as it were, as they were consistently put under pressure by would-be interlopers. In addition, Michael would sparingly offer recommendations through out the evening - little tweaks as our needs changed, those little details made a huge impact in our ability to throw the "best ball ever," and I repeatedly heard that this was the best year for security that we've had in a long time.All in all you made me look really good, and I look forward to working with you all again.See you at MOM'sSincerely,Steve Wolfram Ball Captain KDV 2011
    Steve Wolfram
    Ball Captain KDV 2011
  • Thank you, Carolyn! Please reserve the same two people, if in your employ, for me next year! They were both wonderful human beings and everyone enjoyed having them work alongside of us. You have the BEST that you always send me... and I do appreciate that so much. Charlotte Barkus
    Charlotte Barkus
    VP, ARNO Pres
  • I just wanted to say thank you and job well done to you and your staff. Your guards were on time and up to the task for the entire event. The area assigned to your company was a high priority area and the coverage was seamless. 
    Security Management Group of America Inc

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